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gas pipeline

A Pipeline Full of Trouble with Wilma Subra

Wilma Subra
Wilma Subra

The new Spectra pipeline will bring lots of shale gas to NYC, along with high levels of cancer-causing radon. Shale gas extracted from the Marcellus region of Pennsylvania and West Virginia has high levels of naturally-occurring radon, a potent carcinogen. According to the EPA, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Now, thanks to the new Spectra gas pipeline which went into operation on November 1st, this radon-rich gas is now being delivered to homes, apartments and businesses in New York City and Westchester County.

Wilma Subra is an environmental chemist and natural gas expert who has received the MacArthur Fellowship “Genius” award for her work with communities fighting against polluting industries.

For more info: Visit Grassroots Hydrofracturing webpage

sweet poison

Aspartame, Sweet Poison with Dr. Janet Starr Hull

janet starhull
Dr. Janet Star Hull

Millions of people drink diet soda every day, believing that soda with an artificial sugar substitute is a healthier option than old-fashioned soda with sugar.

But like many chemicals in our environment, the synthetic chemicals that make soda sweet are having other effects on our bodies, and may be responsible for a host of medical problems ranging from allergic reactions to cancer.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug talk with aspartame expert and author of “Sweet Poison“, Dr. Janet Star Hull, whose personal experience with aspartame poisoning  has made her an outspoken advocate for extreme caution when it comes to  artificial sweeteners.

For more info: Visit Dr. Hull’s web site

rachel carson

Rachel Plus Fifty Years with Dr. Paul Ehrlich

paul ehrlich
Dr. Paul Ehrlich

What would Rachel Carson make of our world today? What would she think of fracking? Of the worldwide proliferation of toxic chemicals? Of government efforts to bend the rules for industry? Of industry’s penchant for discrediting scientists who tell the truth? Would she be surprised, or simply dismayed?

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug discuss these issues with Dr. Paul Ehrlich, the outspoken and entertaining Stanford University professor, biologist and futurist who is the author of “The Population Bomb.”

For more info: Visit the MAHB web page

drill silouette

Pennsylvania with Vera Scroggins and Bill Cooke

You don’t know what fracking can do to a community until you live through it.

Vera Scroggins & Bill Cooke
Vera Scroggins & Bill Cooke

On this edition of Green Street we hear the voices of people whose lives have been turned inside out by the relentless industrialization caused by gas drilling in Pennsylvania, and what it means for New Yorkers.

Patti is joined tonight by special guest and frequent Green Street commentator, Bill Cooke. Anti-fracking activist Vera Scroggins joins us from her home in Pennsylvania, in the heart of fracking country.

For more info:

Check out Vera’s Web Site NEPA Gas Action 

Visit Grassroots Hydraulic Fracking webpage

spray plane

Pass The Pesticides, Please with Jay Feldman

jay feldman
Jay Feldman

2,4-D, the FDA, GMOs and Your Health

A major chemical company recently announced it had produced genetically modified corn and soybeans that could withstand applications of 2,4-D, a highly toxic herbicide that was one of two chemicals used to make Agent Orange, the defoliant used during the Vietnam War.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug welcome Jay Feldman, Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides in Washington DC, to talk about pesticides in the food chain, how our government is letting us down and what you can do about it.

For more info:  Visit the web site of the Beyond Pesticides

fracking drill

Fracking 101 with Bill Cooke

bill cooke
Bill Cooke

Despite all the controversy over the new natural gas exploration technique called “fracking,” many people still dont really know what it is or how it works.

On this edition of Green Street Patti and Doug are joined by Bill Cooke, upstate landowner, political strategist and legislative liaison for Citizens Campaign for the Environment, who explains in plain English how the gas companies are planning to frack New York.

For more info: Visit Grassroots Hydrofracturing webpage

Kleen Kanteen

The BPA Show with Dr. Laura Vandenberg

laura vandenberg
Dr. Laura Vandenberg

Bisphenol-A, or “BPA” has been called “one of the most potent toxic chemicals known to man.” Warnings about exposure to the chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA, have made headlines recently, and several states (and countries) have banned some consumer products containing the chemical. Now scientists have found disturbingly high levels of BPA in cash register receipts. Join us as we

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug welcome Dr. Laura Vandenberg of Tufts University who explains the origins of BPA, its potential health effects and and how you can protect yourself and your family from exposures.

For more info:

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