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Indian Point with fire

Gas Pipelines and Nuclear Power? with Paul Blanch

Why not put a big natural gas pipeline right next to an old nuclear power plant that sits near a known seismic fault line? What could possibly go wrong?

Spectra Energy has applied for permission to install a giant new 42-inch gas pipPaul Blanchjpgeline right next to the Indian Point nuclear power plant. It’s part of their AIM Pipeline Expansion Project to help gas companies to export natural gas overseas. Current federal regulations require a distance of ten miles between a gas pipeline of this size and a nuclear facility, so why is the approval process is rolling along without a hitch?

On this edition of Green Street, we talk with nuclear engineer Paul Blanch, who has been a consultant to New York State and has worked at Indian Point. Find out who’s protecting the health and safety of the residents of Westchester County – and for that matter, all of the NY metro area – and what you can do to help avert what could be one of the greatest nuclear disasters in modern history.


The GMO Show with Kathleen Furey

kathleen furey
Kathleen Furey

Over the past decade it has become increasingly clear that giant international corporations may soon be the legal owners of our entire worldwide food system, with the ability to confiscate crops, force farmers off their land and control what we eat and how much we pay for it.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug discuss the emergence of genetically-modified food with Kathleen Furey, Education and Media Director of GMO Free NY

For more info: Visit Kathleen’s website at www.GMOFreeNY.com

fracking drill

Fracking 101 with Bill Cooke

bill cooke
Bill Cooke

Despite all the controversy over the new natural gas exploration technique called “fracking,” many people still dont really know what it is or how it works.

On this edition of Green Street Patti and Doug are joined by Bill Cooke, upstate landowner, political strategist and legislative liaison for Citizens Campaign for the Environment, who explains in plain English how the gas companies are planning to frack New York.

For more info: Visit Grassroots Hydrofracturing webpage

reduce env cancer risk

Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk with Dr. Richard Clap

richard clapp
Dr. Richard Clapp

The President’s Cancer Panel weighed In On Cancer and the Environment.

The President’s Cancer Panel found that environmental links to cancer have been grossly underestimated. In its annual report, the panel cites industrial and manufacturing sources, agricultural sources, exposures from modern lifestyles and medical sources as significant contributors to this national epidemic.

Join us as we discuss the report with Dr. Richard Clapp, Professor of Environmental Health at  Boston University’s School of Public Health.

dry cleaning

The Problem with Perc with Dr. David Carpenter

david carpenter
Dr. David Carpenter

Why the chemical used to clean your clothes could be damaging your body as well.

For decades, commercial dry cleaners have relied on a chemical solvent known as “perchloroethylene” or “perc” to get clothes clean.  But like many “miracle” chemicals that were supposed to make our  lives carefree, perc has been found to cause significant  environmental and human health problems.

On this edition of Green Street Patti and Doug welcome Dr. David Carpenter, Director of the Institute for Health and Environment  at the University of Albany’s School of Public Health.

For more info:  Read Grassroots summary about Perc use in dry cleaning