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Sunscreens – To Use or Not to Use? with Dr. David Andrews

david andrews
Dr. David Andrews

The FDA has finally given us some guidance on sunscreen use, but did the agency go far enough to protect us from some of the chemicals typically used in these product?

On this edition of Green Street Patti and Doug are joined by Dr. David Andrews, senior scientist at EWG, to discuss these recommendations and explore the safest sun protection options available.

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reduce env cancer risk

Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk with Dr. Richard Clap

richard clapp
Dr. Richard Clapp

The President’s Cancer Panel weighed In On Cancer and the Environment.

The President’s Cancer Panel found that environmental links to cancer have been grossly underestimated. In its annual report, the panel cites industrial and manufacturing sources, agricultural sources, exposures from modern lifestyles and medical sources as significant contributors to this national epidemic.

Join us as we discuss the report with Dr. Richard Clapp, Professor of Environmental Health at  Boston University’s School of Public Health.