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gas burners

Ready for Radon? with Jeff Zimmerman

jeff zimmerman
Jeff Zimmerman

As if the producers of natural gas didn’t already have enough headaches with radioactive waste, scientists and medical experts are now beginning to warn about high levels of radon in the gas from the Marcellus shale formation.The gas currently being brought to NYC from Louisiana has low levels of radon that decay during its travel time to New York. In contrast, gas from nearby Pennsylvania (and New York, if Governor Cuomo doesn’t stop fracking) has high levels of radon that won’t have a chance to decay before the gas gets to homes, apartments and restaurants in New York.On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug talk about the potential heath threat of radon with attorney and radon expert Jeff Zimmerman.

sweet poison

Aspartame, Sweet Poison with Dr. Janet Starr Hull

janet starhull
Dr. Janet Star Hull

Millions of people drink diet soda every day, believing that soda with an artificial sugar substitute is a healthier option than old-fashioned soda with sugar.

But like many chemicals in our environment, the synthetic chemicals that make soda sweet are having other effects on our bodies, and may be responsible for a host of medical problems ranging from allergic reactions to cancer.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug talk with aspartame expert and author of “Sweet Poison“, Dr. Janet Star Hull, whose personal experience with aspartame poisoning  has made her an outspoken advocate for extreme caution when it comes to  artificial sweeteners.

For more info: Visit Dr. Hull’s web site


The GMO Show with Kathleen Furey

kathleen furey
Kathleen Furey

Over the past decade it has become increasingly clear that giant international corporations may soon be the legal owners of our entire worldwide food system, with the ability to confiscate crops, force farmers off their land and control what we eat and how much we pay for it.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug discuss the emergence of genetically-modified food with Kathleen Furey, Education and Media Director of GMO Free NY

For more info: Visit Kathleen’s website at

Liquid Natural Gas Tanker

Fossil Fuel Thinking in NY with Cindy Zipf & Bruce Ferguson

Cindy Zipf & Bruce Ferguson
Cindy Zipf & Bruce Ferguson

Gas companies and their investors are busy building the infrastructure to transport and export frack gas from the US to areas of the world where demand (and prices) are high. Their latest idea is to construct a giant liquified natural gas terminal and anchor it in NY Harbor, just miles off Jones Beach and the coast of New Jersey.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug welcome Cindy Zipf, Executive Director of Clean Ocean Action, and Bruce Ferguson of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, to talk about the proposed gas terminal, what it really means for our energy future and how citizens can get involved in the effort to stop this fossil fuel madness.

For more info:

Visit the web site of the Clean Ocean Action

Visit the web site of the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy

env health movement book

The Environmental Health Movement with Dr. Kate Davies

kate davies
Kate Davies

The movement that began with Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal Community has mushroomed into a global movement to protect public health from environmental toxins. On this edition of Green Street, we’re joined by biochemist, anthropologist and author Kate Davies.

Kate’s new book, The Rise of the U.S. Environmental Health Movement, chronicles the growing concern over chemicals in our air, water and food, and the efforts being undertaken by doctors, nurses, parents and non-profit organizations to address these concerns.

food supply

Radiation in our Food Supply with Cindy Folkers

cindy folkers
Cindy Folkers

Most Americans trust that the government is watching over the food supply, and if there was anything to worry about, the government would take care of it.

On this edition of Green Street we talk about how our food supply has become contaminated with radiation, and why the government isn’t doing it’s job to inform or protect people.

Join us as we interview Cindy Folkers, a radiation and health specialist with Beyond Nuclear.

For more info:  Visit the web site of the Beyond Nuclear

autism puzzle

The Autism Puzzle with Britta Belli

britta belli
Britta Belli

The rates of autism in the United States have skyrocketed over the past decade. While researchers are still debating the role that preservatives in vaccinations may play, other environmental chemicals are being added to the list of suspects that could be responsible for this alarming trend. The list includes many consumer products we use in and around our homes.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug interview Britta Belli, author of a new book called The Autism Puzzle, in which she examines the latest research on environmental links to this heartbreaking neurological disorder.

wireless and chemicals

Wireless and Chemicals with Dr. Lennart Hardell & Dr. Sheldon Krimsky

Two of the World’s Leading Experts Talk About Their Work

Dr. Sheldon Krimsky & Dr. Lennart Hardell
Dr. Sheldon Krimsky & Dr. Lennart Hardell

Two of the issues we cover frequently on Green Street are electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices and smart meters, and the developing field of epigenetics – the study of cell changes occurring due to the influence of  environmental exposures.

On this edition of Green Street Patti and Doug welcome Dr. Lennart Hardell of the University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden, and Dr. Sheldon Krimsky of Tufts Univeristy in Boston.

For more info:

See Grassroots Common Exposures – Cell Phones and Wireless

baby bottle

The Safe Alternative to BPA? Forget it with Dr. Cheryl Watson

Cheryl Watson
Dr. Cheryl Watson

Why the chemical that has replaced BPA has researchers worried all over again.

When consumers discovered that the chemical BPA could disrupt the human endocrine system, manufacturers of baby bottles and other plastic products scrambled to find a replacement. Their solution: BPS, a “safer” alternative to BPA.

Now it turns out that this “safer” alternative may have exactly the same effect on our hormones as its predecessor. On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug welcome Dr. Cheryl Watson, lead author of a new study on BPS and its effects on hormones.

For more info: Read Helping to Heal’s blog on BPA and BPS

tanning bed

Tanning Beds with Dr. Elini Linos

elini linos
Dr. Elini Linos

Everybody wants to look their best, and for some people that means spending hours under the UV lamps inside a tanning bed. But a recent report by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that indoor tanning not only increases the risk for melanoma, but appears to also increase the chances of developing other skin cancers as well.

On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug welcome Dr. Eleni Linos, an assistant professor of dermatology at UCSF and lead author of that study. Dr. Linos will explain more about her research, and why anyone under the age of 25 should stay far away from tanning salons.

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